Stockroom Manager

We have a very exciting opportunity available for a passionate and experienced Retail Stockroom Manager to lead a stockroom/warehouse facility for a growing retailer. As a truly inspiring brand they are instantly recognisable as one of the most innovative companies to emerge from the UK.

About The Role

Role: Retail Stockroom Manager
Salary: £22,000 - £24,000
Location: Stratford, East London

You will be an individual with fantastic networking skills, to an efficient stock management process and engage with colleagues across different departments. We seek individuals that are very independent, commercial but have warmth and can build a positive and driven experience to ensure the stores delivers not only in figures but in excellent stock levels.

You will be a Retail Stockroom Manager that has a detailed eye and one that is able build a positive reputation with the retail business.

What Experience Do You Need?

  • You will have strong stock integrity, logistics and distribution exposure.
  • Ability and proven experience of inbound stock, inventory and exposure to supply base and retail store support.
  • A knowledge of retail distribution ecommerce is key.
  • Proven experience that a warehouse/stockroom is run efficiently day to day.
  • Positive attitude to be flexible to adapt to a growth and expanding retail environment.
  • Enjoyment and passion for the physical and hands approach needed.
  • Excellent communication with key leaders.
  • Ability to ‘think outside’ of the box and introduce new methods.
  • Outgoing and driven personality.

You will currently be working as a Retail Stockroom Manager or Internal Warehouse Manager or warehouse Supervisor with retail store exposure and influencing skills.

How to apply

Click here to apply for: Stockroom Manager job or email your CV to

Alternatively if you prefer to talk you can give us a call on 01254 824 146 to discuss this role in more detail.

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