The tiger, this is our specialty, this is us pulling the rabbit out of the hat, the cherry on top. It’s slick, it’s strong and it is a beautiful package.

A no-risk package that leaves absolutely no stone unturned until your vacancy is filled.
This is a no risk package with a lot of content, we use every possible avenue we have access to and make sure we find your ideal candidate. We will advertise, CV search, headhunt and network and leave no stone unturned. We visit your stores and get right under the skin of your business to help us understand what you are about, we will even work a shift if you give us the chance!

We then take each and every candidate through a thorough screening process. We will coach them through the interview process, brief them on store visits and keep a close relationship until the very last stage to make sure we know exactly what is happening at all times.

So they get the job? Fantastic, but we still don’t want to stop, we want the whole process to be very smooth so we will stick with our successful candidate until the day they start, answering all the questions they may have so that no one is left confused. This can be the most difficult stage so we are here to make it run elegantly!

Wow, just thinking about it gets us pumped! This is what we do best and we feel no better thrill than getting the right candidate for you. We even do a little dance around the office but we’ll keep that under wraps for now…

Give me the facts!

  • A thorough search of all possible candidates.
  • A thorough interview competency and cultural screen process to find the best candidates.
  • Candidate briefing from store visits to any preparations for interview.
  • A close relationship to ensure the highest of communication between candidate and client.
  • Candidate management up until the day they start.
  • You only have to pay when we fill your vacancy!

Brilliant, but why us?

  • There is no risk; you only pay when we find your perfect candidate.
  • We have been interviewing and attracting talent for the retail market for over 9 years!
  • You can save on time, effort and stress as we handle the whole process.
  • A close and professional relationship with candidates to ensure ultimate communications.
  • Guaranteed results, it is in our best interest to fill every vacancy!
  • We are boutique; our approach is flexible and adaptable to every situation.