As an employer, you know how important it is to find the right candidate for your business. It isn’t just about finding somebody with the right experience, you need somebody who will integrate perfectly in to your structure and culture.

Discover Retail has it covered! We’ll build a great relationship with you, and strive to fully understand your brand so we know just how to attract the strongest candidate to suit your needs.

You want candidates, you want them fast, you want them in boatloads, you want some choice.

Using over 6 job boards and our own unique database we have access to over 11 million candidates. We’ll search every angle and find the best candidates for you. We won’t just do it once, we’ll do it every day for up to 4 weeks to make sure we don’t miss any new additions. True to the Cheetah… you tell us what you want and we’ll go out and hunt!

The Cheetah is ideal for urgent or confidential vacancies and best of all, we do the boring part for you. CV searching can be a long and exhausting process but we don’t mind, call us odd but we kind of enjoy it! You then take the interview process in any direction you want, you have complete control.

You want more?

Absolutely no worries, we here at Discover Retail absolutely pride ourselves on our open and flexible work ethic. If you need extra then just let us know, if you need us just for a day then let us know, we want this to work for you! If you change your mind and you’d like us to do the whole interview process then just like magic, we can make it happen.

What will happen?

  • Access to over 11 million candidates.
  • 250,000+ candidates on our unique exclusive database that only we can access!
  • Fast and precise candidates entering your e-mail in impressive amounts!
  • Daily updates straight to your e-mail so you never miss a CV.
  • Complete flexibility on what criteria you desire!
  • A one off flat fee.

What’s in it for me?

  • You can keep all the CV’s for future vacancies.
  • You have complete control over the interview process.
  • A very fast service with your first CVs within 1 hour.
  • Constant advice for whenever you need it!
  • We offer a personal, down to earth and relatable relationship with you!