We use ‘mapping’ to search outside the realms of social media to find hidden gems. We don’t use a database, our team actively targets the current market, to deliver hot off the press results.

You’ve already pictured the person you want in your business, you’ve searched the job boards, released the adverts and you are now hoping that everyone you could ever possibly want to hire uses

Linkedin? Unfortunately, that is not the case! Stats show that only 15% of employees have a LinkedIn account and it is estimated that over 40% are inactive.

So, do you take the risk and approach who you can on LinkedIn? Or do you pay a ‘search’ agency a fee to do pretty much the same…

Discover Retail offer the low cost alternative. Mapping looks outside the realms of social media and reveals who is invisible within the market, and ultimately perfect for your business.

We will find you that hidden gem as we target the untapped and exclusive market. We do not use a database, our team actively targets the current market, to deliver hot off the press results.

The very best candidates rarely pursue their next role. Managers are usually well networked and exist within the walls of your competition.

They will decide when the time is right for them to move!

But what if you have the role they always wanted? Who are they and how can you get them?

This is where we step in…

Mapping : The Facts!

  • We explore your needs to identify a targeted brief.
  • We conduct competitor investigations and map and identify targets within an agreed timescale.
  • We will produce a list of potential candidates in agreed brands with their job title, name and contact number.
  • We provide this service across Retail Store Operations and Head Office.
  • We will tailor an individual package to suit your needs.

How does this help me?

  • It saves you time and money.
  • You can be pro-active in your approach and engage with individuals instantly.
  • It is a great snapshot of competitor and market activity.
  • Engaging in a mapping exercise gives you the reassurance of knowing you will be provided with the latest candidate information and an overview of the current talent pool.