Full store recruitment, need I say more? It kind of explains its self and if that doesn’t grab your attention then what will? Don’t make us get out the maracas!

Full store recruitment, ideal for growing companies. No matter how many staff you need.

Absolutely ideal for a growing company with new stores popping up everywhere. We can take the whole store and fill it like some kind of recruitment fairy.

The Elephant is a flexible package that we can fit around your needs, no matter how many staff you need to fill your store. From store managers to sales staff and everybody in between.

We will complete interviews for every member of staff, assessment days, psychometric tests, branded or unbranded advertisement, CV searching and expert headhunting!

We can supply access to a personal database which you can access 24/7, and a very personal relationship so that we’re only a call away if you ever need us.

Full store recruitment: The facts!

  • Full store recruitment in all sizes, all for one fixed price.
  • Assessment days, CV Searching, Headhunting, Branded or Unbranded advertisements.
  • A full recruited team with guaranteed chemistry.
  • Absolutely hassle free with a personal in-house team.
  • 100% dedicated team with a complete dedicated recruitment team.
  • Regular meetings to ensure 100% commitment.
  • A dedicated database of support candidates for free!

How does this help me?

  • Stress taken out of recruitment so you can focus on making the store perfect!
  • A team with great chemistry to make the initial few weeks a breeze.
  • We are very flexible to work around you!
  • One simple fixed price – no hidden extra charges!
  • We offer a personal, down to earth and relatable relationship with you!