Forget about stress balls and punch bags, we have the ultimate stress release! You won’t even believe this is possible but we are just so passionate about a dedicated and complete service that we felt this is the next step for absolute simplicity!

The Lion is the one point of contact you need.

We’re so passionate about a dedicated and complete service that we just had to create the complete package.

Do you spend a lot of time managing your PSL? Do you find yourself consistently managing numerous amounts of agencies? Well how about one point of contact from now on? Allow us to screen the candidates so that only the best approaches you; allow us to answer all the questions for them; allow us to study your business and pass on our knowledge.

This approach means that there is one contact, one style of CV and one phone call when you want to tell everyone something important. It’s like an in-house recruitment department without the extra rent.

So basically…

  • One point of contact for everything.
  • One style of CV edited to suit you, with all the essential information.
  • All agencies managed and coached with our expert knowledge of your company.
  • Working with a company that will be the ‘face’ of your brand – we will have worked in your stores!
  • No extra fee.
  • One monthly invoice.
  • Using one agency but getting the results of a full PSL.

What do you achieve?

  • A lot of free time to focus on your business.
  • A simplified process.
  • A lot of help without any extra cost.
  • You will only receive the highest quality candidates matched to your skill and cultural brief.
  • You will never have to repeat yourself, let us repeat for you!
  • We offer a personal, down to earth and relatable relationship with you!